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Are you looking for a FUN way to get in shape or maintain your fitness? Want to decrease body fat and increase muscle mass? Join MyFitAura! A quick, convenient way to reach your fitness goals.  Our monthly membership program is 100% web-based giving you unlimited access to our coaching, education, and accountability. We provide: 

  • Monthly Workout Schedule

  • Meal Guide & Planning Template

  • Daily Reminders & Weekly Check-ins

  • New Exercises and Meal Ideas Monthly

  • Aura Cleansing & Spiritual Healing Guide

Workouts can be done at home or at the gym. Meals can be purchased on a budget at local grocery stores or markets.

Group Fitness



The Urban Aura Lifestyle Fitness believes that energy is very powerful. A room filled with positive energy can not only change your mood, but have a lasting impact on your aura. Our 45 min group fitness classes create a energetic, judgement-free, motivational environment for growth, healing, and health education. We offer:

  • Hip Hop HIIT

  • Core Corrector

  • Glute Gains

Personal Coaching

A true lifestyle coach must first understand that everyone lives a different lifestyle; we have different bodies, hormones, schedules, and responsibilities. Depending on our background, we may have different definitions of  "healthy" or perspectives on what "being fit" looks like to us. Therefore, it's crucial to have a coach that knows the facts and has the ability to educate each client. Although some training is better than none, there's nothing better than a customized program tailored to you and your goals. Our coaches offer monthly online or hybrid training :

  • Customized Workouts

  • Customized Meal Plan

  • Customized Aura Cleansing 

  • Accountability & Daily Check-ins

Workouts can be done at home or at the gym. Meals can be purchased on a budget at local grocery stores or markets.​

Event Hosting

Having an event? It's an honor to extend our services. We bring fitness to you! We offer on-site health screenings, fitness classes, presentations, and Q&As.

  • Community Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Recreation Centers

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